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Me, Akram (Mahin) Navidi 55 years of employment at the television makeup, and I am currently Grymvr retire Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

For thirty years I am working in the field of image processing. 'The bias is a painting of his employment at the high school group for children aged 3 years television stories paint. Executive Master Abdollah Eskandari was a series of hands, and Kabir.

From 64 to 70 years 15 years 68 Film Executive Master Abdollah Eskandari was working with Mr. David Mirbagheri Rana serial and serial Memorial Trahym barber beautiful woman I began work and worked until about 40 series and 70 movies of the year plum My dearest child labor Jvjvam Trahym I began to work until 91 Memorial Mrs M was designed some 35 feature films.

The festival is scheduled for the third time in my portraits. Stay for the movie Mr. Mehrjouei, lot and garden Kandelus Karimi lot of guests and 4 times in the cinema, I was a candidate for the best film portrayal Kandelus stay and gardens and hundred year this year, Mr. Saman Moghadam monarch and his hot chocolate Mr. Hatami Kia Trophy winner movie invitation for home cinema and I got the gold.

The last movie I do Hush The Girls Don't Scream By Pouran Derakhshandeh.

The last series that I've a book is in the eye of the wind and the cap side.