Mahin Navidi Come To Fajr Festival With 2 Films

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Makeup designer Mahin Navidi experienced film on the thirty-first Fajr Film Festival with two films there.

Mahin Navidi MakeUp Artist Said about their current activities: I am currently engaged in negotiations with a movie that has not yet been finalized.
He said this in the movie "Hiss girls do not cry" directed by Puran Radiant and "child care operations" directed by Farzad Ajdari had worked as a makeup artist.
Promise continued to show high probability the first two movies in the Fajr Film Festival is the thirty-first. The quality of each of these features and their privileges.
Makeup Design Mahin Navidi earlier films "Invitations," "Mom's Guest", "Marriage Iranian Style," "Rooster," "A Celebration" and ... It is Drkarnamh.

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